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M.I. High Series 4

Type: TV
Status: Completed
Production: Jul 01, 2009 - Sep 01, 2009

Chief Agent Stark (Series Regular) >> Tight-lipped and impatient top brass agent who loathes the children he's forced to work with.

Release: Jan 04, 2010

My first proper TV job - a regular on the BBC / Kudos show 'M.I. High'.  Like 'Spooks' for children, it's a brilliant programme and hugely popular.

I play Chief Agent Stark who is high up in M.I.9 Secret Service and the direct boss of Agent Frank London who runs the child spies.  As with the previous series' the child characters are straight down the line, empowering, fallable and intelligent; whereas the adult characters are allowed more room for hightened style.

Stark is a tight-lipped perfectionist who runs the department with an iron fist and cannot stand the idea of using children as spies and looks for any opportunity to close this waste of resources down...

The shoot was excellent fun, backed by a loyal and keen crew and excellent directors.

Repeats mean that every now and then an epsiode may be airing again.

For those that are interested, I am in seven of thirteen episiodes. 

The Bunny Whisperer / Dopplegangers / Return of the Mummy / The Octopus / Run Carrie Run / Three Spies and a Baby / Don't Cook Now

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Director: Simon Hook

“I cast Jonathan as Chief Agent Stark, a recurring character in M.I.High series IV. I have been delighted with his performances. He brought an intelligent understanding of how his character should function in the series. On set he was sensitive to the demands of the schedule and proved he has great comic timing. I am looking forward to working with him again.” SIMON HOOK

more info on Simon Hook