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Beacon77 (UK: The 7th Dimension)

Type: Feature Film
Status: Now Playing
Production: Feb 13, 2009 - Mar 12, 2009

Declan (Lead) >> Obsessed, manic genius who leads a team of hackers into the private archives of The Vatican and discovers other dimensions...

Release: Apr 20, 2010

After a few years of working on great indie feature films, I began 2009 with a lead role in a the most solid production yet. Giving me an opportunity to use all the screen skills I had developed since walking onto my first film set in 1999.

Landing the role in 'Beacon77' (or Flat 7 as it was originally titled) was a great example of synchronicity. The minute I read the character breakdown I knew that I was in with a chance; after reading the script I was quite objectively sure that I would win the role. I never think like that about an audition, but Declan appealed to all my natural tendancies as a performer and gave me the perfect opportunity to fully 'let rip' in a controlled environment.

But more than that, this was a production that had been green-lit a number of times previously and was finally gearing up to 'let rip' itself... I walked into an established production team that had a sales agent in place, a privately owned Red-1 camera and staggeringly good Heads of Department attached. My lead role was the last thing to fall into place, just a couple of weeks before principal photography and it felt like the puzzle from Hellraiser fitting into place: all sorts of magic started to happen as we began to shoot.

For me it was a fantastic chance to work hard and show what I could do. I spent as much time as possible preparing: returning to the gym, playing for hours in a wheelchair in my kitchen as I learnt page upon page of tricky dialogue. Much of Declan's ramblings are furiously paced, hypnotic and expositional but HAVE to be delivered naturally and with utter belief. The audience may not buy WHAT Declan is saying, but they must believe that he himself believes it.

Never before had I had the chance to work every day on a sound stage; my 5am starts were a joy and cycling across London at dawn was a great way to start each day. I turned my body clock around, shut down my social life and worked my ass off. I bloody loved it.

You can see the trailer on line now and as of July 09 I am shooting the final pick-up shots. The film will be ready for a screening to distributors in August and who knows what kind of sales it will do. But I am confident that it will sell; it's more of a question of who will buy it and what will they do with it...?

2010: Renamed 'The 7th Dimension' for the UK market, the film has sold in over 20 territories and continues to do very well in France under the title 'Code77'

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Director: Brad Watson
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